I have been a Landscape Photographer since the 1950's but I have only been able to pursue my hobby seriously since retirement in 1997.  My equipment includes a number of Digital and Film professional cameras including a Nikon D-1, a D-1X, a D-50, N-50 and a 4 X 5 Cherry-Wood Field Camera.  Regardless of the camera (film or digital) I do all the image processing using digital techniques.  In this way I can more easily remove the distracting man-made features and artifacts such as power lines, roads, and buildings . . . at least where they detract from the image I am trying to achieve.

Since I got serious in 1997,  I have turned my hobby into a serious Charitable Enterprise.  It started with my donation a number of my best images to a Senior Citizens group in Xenia, Ohio. Now it has expanded and I support a number of other worthy Charitable Organizations with donated Photographic Prints which they sell in Auctions (both silent and active) or just as "numbered and signed" prints suitable for framing.

These are all non-profit fund raisers'.  All proceeds from the sale of  prints is donated to the Charitable Organization.  Please note that all checks and/or other forms of payment are to be made as a donation directly to that organization. "The Photographer receives no compensation from the fund raising effort."

All prints are sold as "numbered and signed" prints.  You will receive a signed "Letter of Authentication" from the photographer stating that your print is a limited edition print (number XX of 100 maximum).  In addition, you will receive a receipt from the organization advising you that all or part of your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction.

Thank You for your interest in my work.


Joe A. Mays
Spring Valley, Ohio

About the Photographer